Signet Library

It’s controversial, BUT … the award for Edinburgh’s best afternoon tea [ cue drum roll ] goes to [ pause insanely long time for dramatic effect ] oh my god [ last pause, we promise ] it’s the Colonnades @ the fabulous Signet Libary!!⁣


The Signet Library on the Royal Mile, offers some of the city’s most dramatic decor. Surrounded by Greco-Roman pillars, touches of gold, and towering bookcases, one can indulge in five-star food & endless bottles of Pommery champagne

We’re here with the inexhaustible Kerry Teakle, soaking up both the sensational atmos, and the contents of the wine cellar. So while we’re calling this, speech marks, afternoon tea: the odds of us drinking actual tea NOT terribly high. ⁣


Instead, it’s a cheeky hello to a shedload of fizz, and three, no, make that four bottles of a gorgeous rosé. Nectar of the gods, and all that! Though rest assured, we’re also consuming gargantuan amounts of food.

Starting with the amuse-bouche: a fragrant and rather cheeky Thai Sweet potato soup. Delightful, to say the least, we are indeed très amused, and now even more excited about the feast ahead.⁣


Soon we hear the magical sound of a champagne glass being refreshed, and welcome three tiers of savoury excellence, including: Panna cotta with Serrano ham, cream cheese & pea / Choux pastry with carrot & coriander / Vegetarian sausage roll with cauliflower & lentil / and a dazzling selection of sandwiches. ⁣

The love that’s gone into their creation is undeniable. Special praise goes to the grilled courgette sandwich with red pepper chutney & feta; and our absolute favourite, the Pavlova with salmon mousse. Magnificently creamy, just a hint of sweetness – a TRIUMPH!


Mere moments after dabbing one’s lips, comes three tiers of incredible sweets: Violet & passionfruit macrons / Citrus Yoghurt with chocolate & candied orange / Pina Colada delice / Strawberry tart / Battenberg with elderflower & blackcurrant / and the list goes on!⁣

Every breathtaking bite brings these bitches absolute joy, which is why we now feel compelled to: [ A ] order more fizz; and [ B ] congratulate the Colonnades on being UTTERLY fabulous. You guys are the best!


Reviewed September  2021

Collonnades @ The Signet Libary
Parliament Square

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