Lunching with Teakle, we find ourselves soaked in wine, and declaring a love absolute for PIGGS – a gorgeous Spanish wine bar in the Canongate. The staff, the food, & the fact we’re now in our cheeky fouth hour: ALL DELICIOUS!


This happy story of sumptuous tapas & much merriment begins with yet another fabulous rosé. Good god, we exclaim, what is this sweet nectar??

Kerry – who’s attending multiple functions today, & has probably been imbibing since breakfast – informs us: it’s a red grape.

Attempting to be didactic [ adjective; intending to teach ] rather than condescending [ adjective; talking down to ] our dear friend has unwittingly forced us to raise an eyebrow & say: No shit Sherlock!!


Going on to drink another four bottles – we think – this gorgeous drop has a vibe of strawberries & cream, and is a perfect companion to the many dishes en route.⁣

We begin with a lush grazing board, boasting the likes of chorizo, Spanish black pudding, jamón, manchego, blue cheese & goat’s cheese soaked in red wine. WOWSERS!

Picking a favourite taste is nay impossible, but we must say we’re thrilled at the presence of quince. It should be on EVERY cheeseboard, but sadly – middle class problem alert – it is not.
Soon we’re also being delighted by the heavenly croquetas – a dish we decide deserves two encores – mouthwatering patatas bravas with a spicy homemade sauce & aioli; and the joy that is Padron peppers.

Seriously, what could be better than this? Moments later, we have our answer. Tortilla Española – which feels like an edible love letter to both potato and butter.
It’s followed by utterly, UTTERLY delicious beef & pork meatballs. We argue over the mystery ingredient that makes them so incredible. Kerry insists it’s onion, she’s clearly drunk. Turns out, it’s sherry!

And the incredible tastes just keep on coming … the amazing churros in rich dark chocolate, coffee that’s a spiritual experience, and of course … MORE WINE!

SO … a toast to the wonderful PIGGS, its food & fabulous staff – especially the wonderful Laura from Tipperary, who rocks a tartan mini-skirt.


Reviewed Octoberber  2021

Piggs: Wine & Tapas Bar
276 Canongate



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