Isaac & Derek (noun): two very social bitches; lovers of good coffee, great food; drinkers of far too much champagne. 

Seven years ago, we left New Zealand in order to make Edinburgh our home. Since then we’ve spent most of that time dining out and drinking more units of alcohol than is medically recommended.

In fairness, the city’s  first class restaurant and bar scene tends to make social bitches of us all. Not that we’re complaining.

And having continually posted our active (and slightly drunken) social lives on social media, we’ve decided to put our constant reviews to good use.

So now, we’re sharing our passion for good food and fine wine with you.


Being a New Zealand-born Samoan, and 6’4”, most people assume I’m an All Black. While I enjoy the compliment, truth is I’m more of a volleyball player and social drinker.

I’m also a big, big fan of Edinburgh. It’s welcomed me with open arms, and I feel incredibly fortunate to call this city home.

Essentially a great big village, I love its culture, and its people. Also happy to report a perfect triple shot flat white is getting increasingly easier to find.


Born in Scotland, but raised in New Zealand from age seven, I’d always meant to come home. Typically life got in the way.

But after five visits to Edinburgh in just seven years, finally Isaac and I started to talk about making the next flight a one-way trip.

Long story short: best decision ever. The friends we’ve made, the experiences we’ve had, and the food we’ve eaten way too much of – AMAZING! We really couldn’t ask for a better place to live.