Ed’s Supper Club

Naturally, the festive season is exhausting for a Social Bitch. Tumbling out of bed around 3pm, pouring fizz & debating tweed versus velvet. Formalities we happily embrace for a destination as delicious as ED’s XMAS SUPPER CLUB Ding Dong!!⁣


For those of you who don’t get out nearly as much as these bitches, Ed of the aforementioned supper club is talented chef Edward Janusz, whose menus boast seasonality, originality, and a splash of Polish tradition.

There’s also endless courses, we LOVE him!!⁣

We arrive with the ubiquitous Kerry Teakle & much festive spirit [ quite literally ] Instantly, we’re greeted by both the lovely Ed himself, and a generous glass of mulled wine. MWAH!!⁣


We’re also encouraged to nibble on a cheeky selection of sweet fig with popcorn & salami. The fig is devine btw, and we demand to know how Teakle can replicate its gorgeous, rather nuanced flavour at a later date.

What follows – at rough & rather drunken count – twelve incredible festive courses, with many a culinary twist. We love the Cassava cooked in coal, with chilli jam & mushroom sauce. AMAZING!⁣


We adore the Salmon with chestnut, ginger & pureed pea. And as for the Langoustines with jackfruit, fennel & lashings of butter SCHWINGG!!!⁣

We’ve also blown away by the Beetroot broth, and our latest culinary addiction: Pierogi – AKA Polish dumplings – with cheese or minced beef. F**KING GORGEOUS!!⁣

Suddenly … Ed bursts in with great drama. We gasp with delight, and quickly refresh our glasses. With main course in hand, he proceeds to school us in the art of pheasant plucking. Try saying that three times fast.⁣


Fortunately this is mostly for dramatic effect, and it’s actually a case of “ here’s one I plucked earlier.” Soon we’re enjoying this wonderful, sumptuous bird roasted, with confit potatoes, dill mayonnaise, and a fabulous sauerkraut stew.

While hunger is something we can’t imagine EVER feeling again, there’s still the endless array of desserts: Poached pear with blue cheese, followed by Poppyseed loaf, Chocolate lava cake, and a heavenly Almond butter cheesecake. ⁣


The entire experience: UTTERLY MAGNIFICENT!!

We manage a reasonably drunken “Bravo!!” before lapsing into a food coma, BUT would quite like to add that we highly recommend joining Ed’s fabulous Supper Club in the new year. MERRY CHRISTMAS BITCHES!!

Reviewed December 2021

Ed’s Supper Club
Usually the first Monday of every month
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