24 Royal Terrace

It may surprise, nay shock you to discover the Social Bitches are big fans of Georgian Grandeur. Somehow a ridiculously high ceiling, ornate cornicing, and a splash of Farrow & Ball make fine dining & fizz all the more fabulous #truestory


This lengthy intro brings us, quite literally, to the wonderful 24 Royal terrace: a stylish mix of boutique hotel, art gallery & cheeky wine bar. It’s here we find ourselves, along with the exultant Kerry Teakle, enjoying a perfectly mixed cocktail

Even better, our gorgeous selection of Espresso Martini, Margarita & Maple Old Fashioned is knocked back amongst the leafy fabulousness of the tiered garden. But should the temperature drop, hot water bottles & blankets are at the ready.

Mind you … a “few” cocktails later, we can resist the sumptuous Georgian interior no longer. In we trot, using a suggestive raise of eyebrow to order a bottle of bubbles and perhaps a cheeky rosé. Meanwhile these bitches have exploring to do.


Every room, every wall displays vibrant art for sale. For a moment, we curse the insolvency functional alcoholism brings. But as we ascend the sweeping staircase, we cannot help beaming at the dazzling works from ground floor to cupola.

Our tour complete, next we explore the small plates menu. Kicking off with a delicious dish of Beetroot cured salmon with creme fraiche & pickled cucumber. Looking very much like a work of art, it also boasts fresh, dazzling flavours to match.

Seconds later it’s followed by Fresh Scallops and an inspired salsa of avocado, tomato and apple. Then we happily move, via another bottle of rosé, from surf to turf: a  mouthwatering Bavette steak with braised fennel & herb butter.


We follow this by a well deserved round of applause. But as for our absolute fave, that would be the Pork fillet with grilled peppers & Serrano ham. Gorgeous! Though what’s REALLY intriguing us … how are these green peppers so wonderfully sweet??

After a quick tete a tete with chef, we can reveal … just pan-fry in sherry. We are officially inspired! We’re also VERY impressed with chef’s generous portions. There’s nothing small about these small plates, and every one is utterly delicious. 

In fact, Isaac is even using the previously un-uttered phrase: I’M FULL. Suddenly the music stops, a guest of nervous disposition gasps, and a tray is dropped. All eyes are on Isaac, he pauses for a second, and then add the words: FOR NOW 


The music continues, more rosé arrives, and our hero bravely finds room for two plates of dessert. A wonderfully rich Chocolate delice with mango sorbet, joined by a the super creamy Basque cheesecake, with many a berry & candied orange. 

We’re far from finished – more drinks darling – but we can definitely conclude 24 is utterly fabulous!

Reviewed September 2021

24 Royal Terrace

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