The very notion of brunch – first floated by British writer Guy Beringer, circa 1895 – is absolute genius. It encourages MORE sleep, MORE food, and makes day drinking much less shameful. As for venue, our brand new favourite is Greenwoods.


If you haven’t yet discovered this wonderful Frederick Street cafe, with its all-day breakfasts, homemade juices, cakes & gargantuan lunches, we say: make haste bitches, while reading our hugely amusing review en route!

On this usually sunny Edinburgh day, we have a fabulous window-seat overlooking fresh flowers, and can we just say: the coffee is par excellence!!  We’re also taking our first life-changing sip of the homemade ginger beer.

Oh my good god, it’s INCREDIBLE!! With an undeniable kick of fresh ginger, and the intense sweetness of many a lime, it’s perhaps one of the nicest non-alcoholic beverages we’ve ever experienced.


Jen – our fabulous, fabulous host – quite rightly does the “I-told-you-so-dance” and we resolve to follow every single one of her recommendations from here on in. We also ask how her rise to cafe queen came about …

It’s a classic story of: girl moves to Amsterdam, works in hospitality, meets boy, comes home a decade later, opens a fabulous cafe of her own, and asks her brother from another mother to supply the coffee.

Which is why this breathless tale not only conludes with the words “Todd, the time is now, give me your beans” [ BTW that’s the Good Coffee Cartel of Glasgow – Hi-eeee!!! ] it also ushers the arrival of brunch. Hurrah


Isaac’s gone Full Scottish, obvs, and speaks with nothing but love [ and mouth full ] regards his perfectly cooked eggs, herb sausage, portobello mushroom, roasted tomato, haggis, homemade hash brown & the outstanding smoked bacon.

He’s also made it his mission to try every juice on the menu. The Lemonade, Passionfruit & Vanilla, and the avant garde Purple Zing [ with beetroot, apple, carrot & ginger ] are all wonderful, but rest assured, Gingerbeer is still king!

While I’m envious, for about a tenth of a second, there’s no need for concern. Just two bites into Greenwoods Cajun melt, I’m in heaven, and imagining a much more athletic version of myself doing cartwheels.


This fabulous dish is piled mountain-high, every delicious ingredient generous in supply – the chicken, smoked bacon, homemade slaw, avocado, all smothered with cheddar and sitting atop some serious delicious soda bread. Five stars!!

While we’ve easily staved off hunger for the next six weeks, our vow to act upon Jen’s every suggestion means desert is now also on its way.

The wonderful Dutch Apple Pie, and the epic Banana bread tumble – with maple syrup, berries, & white chocolate.Thankfully our Buddhist faith means the diet can actually start in our next lifetime. Phew!


Reviewed August 2021

Greenwood’s, Edinburgh
61 Frederick Street


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