The Sunday Roast is much loved in these British Isles, though sadly not every restauranteur gets it right. Who among us hasn’t endured beef like leather, stone cold vege, & gravy lumpier than [ cue: Victoria Wood ref ] Mrs Overall’s tights?


Which is why we’re thrilled to discover a perfect and legendary Sunday roast at the fabulous LUCKENBOOTHS on the Royal Mile. Though of course, let’s start this happy story at the beginning … 

Unsurprisingly, it’s Sunday afternoon. The Sun is actually shining, which is a little more unusual, & shock-horror these bitches are deeply hungover, hoping to revive themselves via pleasures of the flesh. 

Now despite being surrounded by the bustle of Edinburgh’s busiest street, inside Luckenbooths is an oasis of calm. Gorgeous decor, loads of open space, wonderfully passionate staff, and a sublime menu.


Roast rump of beef cooked a perfect pink, beef dripping potatoes, roasted root vege, Savoy cabbage & Yorkshire pudding, with a lush horseradish sauce & a herb-infused gravy. Cue 🎶 the Hallelujah Chorus 🎶

We’re also thrilled to see a familiar face, our superb host Alex. Absolute foodie & insatiable flirt, he insists we drink wine – well alright then – and he wants our already sizable portions [ his words, said with a saucy raise of eyebrow ] to be accompanied by EVERY side on the menu. 


Soon, we couldn’t be happier. The beef is an almost erotic experience, incredibly tender & perfectly cooked. Meanwhile the vege is exceptional – the crunchy roast potatoes, the blackened carrots, the cabbage – every bite is followed by a WOW! 

Though best of all is the outstanding Cauliflower cheese: Thick, creamy & bursting with intense taste, it transforms you into the foodie equivalent of a crack addict. Its secret? Raclette cheese! Seriously, this is JOY ABSOLUTE!!


We finish this amazing experience with dessert. The Eton Mess with poached plums, scorched grapefruit, spiced plum syrup, meringue & clotted cream is gorgeous, not to mention surprisingly refreshing. But the real star is the Homemade Gingerbread with orange salsa, roasted pear & warm butter caramel – just wonderful! 

And as we allow Alex to “persuade” us on another bottle of wine, we toast that the Sunday Roast tradition couldn’t be in more fabulous hands 


Reviewed March 2022

329 High Street / Royal Mile
EH1 1pn

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