Butta Burger

Accepting the challenge of BITCHES Vs BURGERS, we find ourselves at the fabulous BUTTA BURGER devouring enough nosh for eight people, delving into our second bottle of vino and soaking up the Chicken Gravy Mayo like a pair of crack whores. ⁣


But let’s start at the beginning, or at least somewhere around the third glass of vino delivered by our charming waiter, Denim. ⁣

After asking this amusing young man about his unusual name, he arches an eyebrow and says, “Teenage parents bitches, you know how it is!” We love the banter! More wine Denim, MORE WINE!⁣

Anyhoo … we’re here sampling Butta’s brand new summer menu. Though don’t worry: all the old favourites are still in tact, and burgers the same size as your head will ALWAYS be the focus. ⁣


We’re especially in love with the epic BACON CHEESE – combining two smashed & sumptuous beef patties, bacon, cheese, house pickles, lettuce, and their homemade burger sauce to dizzying effect!⁣

Though even this sumptuous beast cannot compare to Isaac’s mash-up of two separate burgers – giving the somewhat erotic pleasure of fried chicken, crispy onions, cheese, and that divine chicken gravy mayo!⁣

Just one of Butta’s incredible sauces [ and it’s ALL about the sauces baby ] allow us to describe its mind-blowing taste …

  ⁣  I
Imagine, if you will, a harp playing, and in slow motion your tongue quivers to a sensual explosion of creamy thick mayo, tangy herbs, and the heavenly rich taste of roast chicken. WOOF!!!⁣

We’re also big fans of the crunchy, perfectly seasoned fries, the fab milkshakes, and life-affirming BUTTERMILK FIRED CHICKEN FINGERS: generous in girth, and topped with bacon, parmesan & caesar dressing.

Who knew being fingered could be THIS GREAT?!!

But we digress … regards Butta’s NEW additions, that would be several incredible vegan burgers, and the fact they’ve made their buns EVEN more irresistible. If only these bitches could do the same!


Whatever the new recipe, we absolutely approve. Combined with the those exquisite sauces – see previous rant – and the generous filling these delicious buns happily receive, we say: BRAVO BITCHES!!⁣

Our verdict on absolutely EVERYTHING: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ !

Reviewed June 2022

Butta Burger
137 George Street
Lister Square


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