Thomas J Walls

On the surface at least Thomas J Walls – a former optician’s – seems the perfect hipster hangout. Dark wood-panelled walls, a strong 1930s vibe, and often a bearded clientele to match. But looks can be deceiving … 


Turns out tweed, braces and an abundance of facial hair really aren’t the dress code here. Come Sunday brunch, we discovered the atmosphere’s relaxed, the triple shot flat whites are faultless, and the food exceptional.


No surprise then this café is from the same man who also brought us Wellington, Blackwood’s, and Project Coffee.


In fact, it might just be his most promising venture yet.

Here there’s everything required to satisfy a dedicated foodie or coffee snob, and – shock, horror – there’s actually more than four tables.

So having picked the best spot to people-watch, it was time to order. Bacon rolls, eggs benedict, a cabinet filled with cakes – decisions, decisions. Trouble is, our post-Christmas-fatty-boom appearance meant choosing something healthy. Cue needle scratch, music comes to an abrupt halt.


No hang on, the halloumi, asparagus and avocado sandwich looks interesting. But a sandwich without meat you say??

F**king madness!

Actually no, it was incredible. Flavour, crunch, and originality. Thomas J Walls we are suitably impressed! See you soon for a cooked breakfast and a shedload of cakes.


Reviewed February 2017

Thomas J Walls

35 Forrest Road, EH1 2QP

0131 225 7242

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