Whistle Stop Barber Shop

To use a well-worn expression (by us at least), we arrived desperately, desperately hung-over. But after three gargantuan courses, not only had we cured what ailed us, we now have a brand new favourite destination.


While we were there for an alarmingly large Sunday lunch, the Whistle Stop is also a perfect choice for the city’s culture buffs.

Literally a minute’s walk from the Festival Theatre, you can eat American-diner-style food, drink cocktails, or even get your hair cut (seriously!) before the curtain rises.

We kicked off with a cheeky sauvignon, naturally, and then set to ordering a few items from the “Sharing’s Caring” menu. Even though, generally speaking, we’re not big fans of sharing food with others.



Fortunately, it seemed to work out quite well. The homemade fish fingers, with a rather moreish spicy ketchup are an absolute delight.

But oh my god, the tater-tots topped with haggis and whisky sauce are incredible. Which, come to think of it, is why we hate sharing.

By now we were no longer hung-over, or even hungry for that matter, but bravely we carried on. After all, the burgers sounded amazing. And, we’re happy to tell you, they taste even better.



Cooked pink and juicy, these impressive towers of meat are bursting with flavour. The Angry Onion with its smoky bacon crisps, cheese, and barbecue sauce could no doubt cure any hang-over. [ FYI it was also seriously good. ]

But if your appetite’s not easily satisfied, the Soutwest Benedict with spicy chorizo, fried egg, and chipotle hollandaise is a challenge you’ll be happy you rose to. Just wow!

We’d also like to give some love to the fries, they too were perfect.



At this point we beckoned our incredibly friendly and bearded waiter to ask for more wine. “Dessert as well?” he enquired. Well, rude not to …

Now here things are a little bit of a mixed bag. Cookies and Cream is an offering of two large cookies separated by an even larger dollop of ice cream. Good in theory, but very difficult to eat without making a mess.

Meanwhile the apple pie has as its topping … a waffle. Odd. Though beneath it, an apple filling that’s quite frankly heaven-sent. So rich, it’s almost like a fruit mince or sweet chutney. So waffle schmoffle, all is forgiven!

Our hang-overs cured and bellies filled, we left the Whistle Stop extremely happy. Next chance you get, we strongly suggest you sample its restorative powers.


Reviewed April 2017

The Whistle Stop Barber Shop

66-67 South bridge
0131 556 0954


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