We heart Berlin

Whether it’s history, food, nightlife, or a live sex show you seek, Berlin never disappoints. So having decided there’s more to Easter than chocolate and Jesus, we spent the long weekend over-indulging in this incredible city.



Our base was Neukölln, a borough that’s undergone a huge transformation over the last few years. Once somewhere even the police were nervous about visiting, it’s now a centre of all things hip.

So with city block after block of vintage stores, fashion, luscious food, and the coolest bars ever, we went exploring. Here are just some of the gems we managed to squeeze into our drunken weekend:


Markthalle Neun


Oh my god, this place is A-MAZZZZZING!!! An indoor food market that sells the best cheeses, wine, artisan breads, and cured meats. Add to that, loads of mouth-watering street food, fabulous coffee, and a cake shop that will blow your mind.

In other words, here you can either source everything required for a superb dinner party. Or you can just grab yourself a table, and enjoy a meal of many courses, paired with a shedload of wine.



Nowkoelln Flowmarkt / Cocolo Ramen


On one bank of the Landwehr Canal there are endless options for wining and dining –  more on that in a moment. And on the other side, a happening flea market that’s always teeming with people.

Now while this may conjure up images of unfortunate people selling shite, nothing could be further from the truth. From pre-loved fashion and German sausage to the works of local designers, this is a market that truly deserves your time and euros.



But if somehow you manage to not eat every calorific delicacy on offer, then cross the canal and enjoy a meal that also comes with a seat.

We lunched at Cocolo Ramen, which like much of Berlin’s lively food scene, boasts a beautiful aesthetic and a menu that’s even better.

The ramen we’re told is life-changing, but instead we went for the chicken omelette and rice. That may not sound exciting, but it was stunning. We then followed up what was more enough food for the average person with an endless series of dumplings.

Loved every bite!





On top of what looks to be slightly shit shopping mall, this is one of the coolest bars in Berlin. Just take the lift as far as it will go, head through the carpark, up the ramp, and past the vertical garden to the roof.

There you will be rewarded with the perfect place to imbibe as the sun sets over stunning views of Berlin. You’ll also be joined by hundreds of people and quite possibly a DJ. Get there early if you want a table, and get ready to pump it up boo.



Dr To’s


In we walked, sans reservation, and oh my f**king god … Dr To’s is perfection! Friendly staff, gorgeous décor, and faultless Asian style tapas.

Determined to sample the entire menu, we let sheer greed be our guide. As a result we can honestly tell you it’s impossible to order a dish that isn’t amazing.

Japanese roast beef with fresh mint leaves & pomegranate dressing; tender pork belly, Dong-Po style; Grilled chicken marinated in honey & lime, with sliced almonds; Beef and water chestnut dumplings – it’s ALL utterly, utterly delicious.




Beuster Bar


Truth is we’d had far too much to drink already, but once again a fabulous décor and hip crowd beckoned. Loving the atmosphere instantly, we were soon falling in love with the staff as well. Within seconds they’d given us a warm welcome, and found a table, even though the place was packed.

A few minutes later, two of strongest espresso martinis EVER were in hand. The rest is something of a blur. But we can tell you Beuster is a definite must-visit, and we’re told by a very reliable source the food’s pretty amazing as well.




Frankly, we couldn’t have asked for a happier Easter, and plan to be back in Berlin very, VERY soon. Meantime, much love and thanks to Torsten – our food & beverage guide – who might just be the most social bitch of them all.


Reviewed April 2017

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