Salt Cafe: Butchers Breakfast

Just one glance through the window is enough to tell you SALT is fabulous. Tray after tray of wonderful cakes & pastries seductively whispering: eat me, Social Bitches, eat me! But this, fellow foodies, is a tale of breakfast, a handsome chef, and his ample sausage. It’s also a story with an extremely happy ending … 


We begin, far from the beginning, but with the wonderful aroma of bacon dancing through the air, the sizzle of artisanal sausage, and the unparalleled joy that is: the Butchers Breakfast at home kit.

One of Salt’s many nods to greatness, it has appeared in our fine Georgian abode courtesy of the cafe’s new owners: husband and wife duo Steve and Liv.

Their love story begins eight years earlier, but right now all you need to know is: she’s a baker, he’s a chef / butcher / and former ambassador of meat.

Together they’re just lovely, and incredibly passionate about food that’s: Seasonal, Artisanal, Local and Thoughtful. 


Which brings us, finally, to the opening scene of this story … 

Imagine, if you will, us in our regal drawing room being fabulous. Suddenly there’s the familiar ping of a phone, and an intriguing message. It’s a photo of Steve: dressed in chef whites, looking dashing, and holding on to his butcher’s box. 

An excellent way to grab our attention, it’s followed by a few words from Liv. She explains she’s a big fan, and would love us to try her husband’s handmade sausage. OHH, YES PLEASE!!


Though, she goes on to explain, the sumptuous Butcher’s Breakfast, unfortunately, does NOT include Steve. We’re disappointed, naturally, but no less excited.

So, flashing forward just a tad, here we are in our gorgeous kitchen with the aforementioned aroma of bacon, and sizzle of artisan sausage. 

They’re joined by Salt’s delightful and soothing blend of coffee, with its indulgent notes of chocolate, pecan and cherry.

While Isaac is of course doing all of the cooking, I’m arranging tulips [ not a euphemism ] and trying not to salivate. Everything about this big breakfast screams quality, and as carnivores of long standing, we can’t wait to indulge.


Allow us to talk you through the stunning menu: Free range eggs, sourdough bread, portobello mushroom, homemade sriracha baked beans, several rashers of dry-cured bacon, black pudding, haggis, and of course Steve’s heavenly pork sausage.

One bite, one wonderful mouthful, and our eyes widen. Suddenly we’re in slow motion, and there’s music …

A remix of Miss Shirley Bassey, with a shedload of reverb, and lyrics so very apt: Where do I begin? To tell the story of how great a love can be 

This is utterly delicious! The eggs are wonderfully creamy, the mushroom gloriously infused with cultured butter, and the intense flavour of the beans, making us vow to never buy tinned again.


But let’s talk about all of this magnificent meat!! Despite instructions on how to grill, we’ve fried the lot. Though given it’s so top-notch, nothing feels oily or fatty, just absolutely sensational. 

The lovely, generous rashers of bacon are thick, tender and have a gorgeous hint of saltiness. Combined with our oh so creamy scrambled eggs, the flavour is sublime. 

Then comes the stunning black pudding. Unlike many of its counterparts, it really does contain the fresh blood of British pigs. Ooosh! Giving it both a velvety texture, and an enticing hue of deep, dark maroon. As for the taste: it’s unbelievable. 


The haggis too is a pleasure you MUST avail yourself to. Rather than relying on huge amounts of oats, it’s filled with the most tender meat, giving it a texture and feel akin to pulled beef. Add to that the luscious mix of spice, and this is truly next-level!

Saving the best to last, obvs, it’s finally time to try Steve’s legendary pork sausage. Though, drumroll pease, it’s most definitely worth the wait. Boasting the finest pork, loads of fresh herbs and intense flavour, it genuinely melts in the mouth

In our imagination there’s a reprise of Shirley B at top decibel: He fills my heart with very special things. With angel’s songs and wild imaginings … 


Oh yes, this is definitely a breakfast worth singing about. Not only is it a wonderful and deserved celebration of meat, it brings together produce of the highest quality, and the passion of people who so obviously love good food. 

And as for the main event [ this is the last one, we promise ] clearly, there’s a lot of love in Steve’s sausage! 

Reviewed March 2021

Salt Cafe
54 – 56 Morningside Road
EH10 4BZ
0131 629 5910
Butchers Breakfast £10 per person
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