Pomegranate @ Home

From the Middle East straight to your door is Pomegranate’s promise, one we bitches-formerly-known-as-social love the sound of. An Edinburgh favourite of long standing, they’ve definitely kept pace with the city’s sophisticated palettes. The wonderfully fresh flavours and beautiful presentation are an absolute delight.


After popping open what is quite honestly NOT the first cheeky red of the day, we sit down to an enticing banquet. There’s a mountain of freshly baked naan bread, and two sumptuous dips to accompany it.

The Beetroot hummus with pistachio dukka & pomegranate seeds is lush. Expertly walking the line between savoury and sweet, we are soon desperately licking the bowl [  which is cardboard,  #awkward ] Meanwhile the Muhammara – walnuts, whipped feta, green chilies & sumac – is even better.


What’s sumac, you ask? Fabulous question, well done you. It is of course the dried dark red berries of a subtropical wild flower. Boasting a fruity profile, and just a little tart in flavour, it’s sublime.

Next we dive into the Couscous salad – two words we felt sure would never stir excitement. BUT how wrong were we?!? This deceptively simple side with cherry tomatoes, golden raisins & rocket pesto is a triumph.


We’re also excited by the Halloumi fries – a dish we like to order from as many eateries as poss. Pomegranate’s do not disappoint. Perfectly crisp, soft within, and there’s a lovely hint of sweetness to them.

Time to refresh our glasses [ well, isn’t it always? ] as we delve into our favourite delicacy, the mouthwatering Moroccan meatballs. Incredibly tender, with pine nuts, mixed herbs & green chilies. This alone is worth the price of admission, but the rich tomato sauce: WOWSERS!!


And to finish our banquet, Middle Eastern sticky pudding. The New Town’s favourite dessert, but hats off to Pomegranate: the thick toffee sauce, hints of sweetness, & rose ice cream give this pudding an original and delicious spin.

Overall, just gorgeous!! The many intense, refreshing flavours make us feel as if we’re outside, enjoying the sun – two things REALLY NOT happening in Scotland right now. And what better praise is there, than that?

Reviewed February 2021

Pomegranate Restaurant
1 Antigua Street


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