Seriously overdressed for public transport, we trammed it to the West End, with no idea our lives were about to change … forever. A little dramatic? We say no. Pick any dish on Otro’s menu, and not only will it look utterly, utterly incredible, it will taste even better.


From the genius team who brought us New Chapter, comes Otro: a family run restaurant that’s poised to blow Edinburgh away. With a generous Victorian townhouse as its home, it boasts style, ambience and a separate bar.

Naturally we began our lunch in the bar. Thanks to our friends Karen and Rob (the ones who can find great restaurants faster than a heat-seeking missile) the wine was flowing even before we stepped off the tram.

Our fellow foodies had also befriended Ted, a man renowned for both the cut of his green trousers, and his skills in the restaurant trade. Helping Otro to launch, he also made sure we were never thirsty again.


So while Ted fetched a second bottle of wine, our waitress showed us to the table. Soon we were enjoying her dry banter, and the fact she’s deeply passionate about the superb menu.

But fast-forward an analysis of Ted’s trousers, plus another bottle of wine, and it was time for the first course …


One half of our table went for the Chicken Liver Parfait with toasted sourdough & onion marmalade – which was smooth, creamy and rather fabulous.

Meanwhile the rest of us opted for the Salmon tartare with wasabi mayonnaise & marinated cucumber. Now this is legendary. Its delicate and finely balanced flavours leave you with a permanent “wow” on your face.


But the arrival of our mains proved the best was still to come …


While Karen and Rob absolutely rave about the confit duck and the chargrilled steak, Isaac and I know, beyond all possible doubt: nothing on God’s own green earth could possibly compare to our Slow-cooked Beef Cheeks.

Served with parsley mash, curly kale and a bourguignon sauce, this is a main that arouses your taste-buds to the point of needing a private moment alone. Seriously, they’re amazing! Feeling depressed? Your marriage at an end? The Beef Cheeks will make it all better.

To celebrate this life-changing dish, we ordered a round of espresso martinis. Made to Ted’s own personal recipe, it’s a cocktail Karen and Rob hadn’t tried before. Though after a single sip, they looked as if they’d just won the EuroMillions. And by all accounts, haven’t been sober since.


Hard to believe this lunch could get any better. But it did … for now it was time to play: Who has the best dessert?


Convinced it was him, Rob boasted the many virtues of his Scottish strawberries with strawberry parfait and pistachio mousse. Isaac meanwhile was seen, somewhat indiscreetly, licking the last of his Warm mandarin cake from the plate. But unfortunately, both dishes must take second place.

The real winner is the Yorkshire rhubarb cheesecake with stem ginger ice cream. Absolutely incredible! Every mouthful felt just as exhilarating as the first, making it the perfect climax to the perfect meal.

Long story short Edinburgh, it looks like the Social Bitches have a new contender for their favourite restaurant!


Reviewed May 2017

22 Coates Crescent
0131 556 0004

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