Kenji Sushi

Before going any further, we have to tell you the food at Kenji is truly excellent. What follows is part-review, part-confession of two people with very little self control. Okay, now we can begin …


While sushi is generally considered healthy, somehow one of us (not Isaac) put on two kilos (4.4lbs) after last night’s dinner. Yes, that is actually possible. But despite emotion running high, and self-harm a real possibility, it was worth every bite.

As we’ve said, the food is amazzzzzing. The portions are generous, the presentation flawless, and you can expect a combination of flavours that pushes boundaries.


A particular favourite was the deep-fried king prawns. Generously topped with wasabi mayo, which hits with an exhilarating rush. Oh … my … god!

We were equally thrilled with the pumpkin croquettes, chicken & vegetable dumplings, and the deep-fried chicken fillet coated in breadcrumbs.

We’re also extremely happy to recommend the teriyaki sirloin beef, and the pork katsu curry rice. Arigatou!


But let’s talk about the sushi … 


The Tokyo Roll, the California, and the grilled eel were mouthwatering, but first place goes to: the Crazy Tuna Roll.

While the name could do with a tweak, the taste was magic. Imagine if you will: Asparagus, avocado and cucumber topped with sesame, spicy tuna, spring onion and tempura flakes. Seriously good.

The couple at the next table (who managed to eat and hold hands the entire night) said the specials board offered even more options on the sushi front. We were too focussed on the menu to notice, but next visit we are SO there.


By now you can probably understand the two kilo weight increase a little better. But truth is, three hours in we were still ordering more food.

Our last dish of the night, tempura banana with black sesame seed ice cream. So delicious, we barely felt a thing as we slipped into a diabetic coma …


Reviewed March 2017

Kenji Sushi

42 St Stephen Street, EH3 5AL

0131 226 5111

Note – No cards, cash only

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