As rumours of summer abound, Juniper has bravely launched their new cocktail menu. Even more exciting, they invited … actually no … they INSISTED the Social Bitches attend, and drink large amounts. So … who were we to argue?


We arrived both slightly early and desperately thirsty. Quickly claiming the best seats, soon we were enjoying a DJ who clearly likes a bit of Chaka Khan – respect – and the first of many, many drinkies.

We also weren’t shy when it came to the gorgeous finger food – gourmet hot dogs, macaroni cheese, pulled pork, and rump steak cooked on the bone, offered with a cheeky selection of sauces. Even MORE respect.

But let’s talk about our raison d’etre – drinking enough cocktails to make the pain of not being “beach-bod-ready” permanently disappear.

FYI it worked a treat, and here are a few of our favourites:



The obvious place to start, we often find, is with gin. So behold the Purple Haze – with Boe Violet Gin, Maraschino, lemon and rose lemonade – a drink as tasty as the man making it.

Infused with violet blossoms, it’s sweet but delicately so. Lightly effervescent and wonderfully refreshing, we’re giving this taste of summer a big thumbs up.

And by the way, the second and third glasses are just as pleasing.



Moving on, via another bowl of macaroni cheese, we happily arrived at an Edinburgh Bramble – which blends rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur, yet more gin, lemon and sugar, then is topped with a raspberry float.

Now this is a cocktail we loved even before the first sip, as it’s made with one of our favourite liqueurs from Edinburgh Gin.

“It’s dessert in a glass,” we’re extremely fond of saying.

Though perhaps it’s more accurate to say it’s actually dessert in six glasses. Then of course it’s time to start dancing …



Our next exceedingly pleasant surprise was the Cloudy Apple – a simple mix of apple juice, soda water and Arbikie Wheat Vodka that’s most definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Distilled from Zulu wheat using methods similar to whisky, the vodka is incredibly smooth and delivers hints of caramel. It also debunks the ridiculous notion that this most wonderful of spirits has no taste.

We love both the simplicity and, of course, the drinking of this surprising potion. Plus we suspect it might also be low in calories. Perhaps there’s hope in the beach-bod department after all …



Though by far our favourite drink of the night is the Midnight Express – made with Fair vodka, coffee, coffee syrup, Baileys liqueur, and double cream. Wow!!

A twist on a classic White Russian, it’s made using the world’s first Fair Trade spirits, and the taste is absolutely sublime.

Best described as a milkshake for grown ups, it’s one of the smoothest cocktails we’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Though, just to make sure it’s definitely our favourite, we had another three glasses. And yes, our initial instincts were indeed correct.


Reviewed April 2018


20 Princes Street

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