Anteaques is a real treat. First of all, THE LEMON TART IS EXCEPTIONAL! Seriously, the crust, the consistency, the ratio of lemon: all perfect. And while in our minds that’s already five stars, we’re just getting started … 


As the name suggests, it’s both a ye olde tea house and an antique shop, with tea sets to tapestries yours for the asking. But more importantly, crisp white line and fine china give afternoon tea the pomp and ceremony it so rightly deserves.



The first challenge is choosing from the 70+ teas on offer.

This means deciding between the likes of Orange Pistachio, Blue Lady and White Monkey. So perhaps the first question to ask is: black tea, green tea, special tea, scented or infusion? Ummm …

Meanwhile, making a call on what to eat is much, much easier. No prizes for guessing, we kicked off with the heavenly lemon tart. This was followed by its chocolate and raspberry counterpart, also rather fabulous.


Then it felt rude not to try the fruit scones with a choice of jams and clotted cream. Based on a recipe from the owner’s granny, they may even boast medicinal benefits as she lived to be 106.

And finally, to make our expulsion from slimming club complete, we devoured several handcrafted chocolates.

Bottom line: Delightful atmosphere, incredible sweets, go there at once!


Reviewed February 2017


17 Clerk Street, EH8 9JH

0131 667 8466

Note – Open Friday / Saturday / Sunday – booking is essential.

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