Cocktails @ Maki Ramen

Our love affair with MAKI RAMEN, ST JAMES – purveyor of stunning Japanese cuisine – burns all the brighter thanks to its sublime cocktails. Allowing one to indulge in sixteen cheeky courses, as well as the joy that can ONLY be found in a martini glass.


Arousing our passions yet further, there’s FIVE new summer creations awaiting our alcohol-soaked lip. So … bow ties & voracious appetite at the ready, in stride these hungry, thirsty bitches!

These saucy new arrivals [ the drinks, not us ] are designed by Jai: a gorgeous legend of hospitality. Her passion is bringing Asian flavours to Edinburgh’s cocktail scene. Well, spoiler alert bitches, she’s absolutely achieved it!


We kick off with the always fabulous LYCHEE & COCONUT TINI, and, craving a bijou snackette, decide to “nibble” on the Salmon Teriyaki roll, Tokyo roll, Karaage Chicken with Japanese mayo, and those lush Pumpkin Croquettes.

Then comes two more rounds, say hello to: the SAMURAI CHERRY SOUR and MAKI MATCHA MOJITO. 

Now while a whisky sour is always a good time, the real surprise is the fabulous mojito. Utterly refreshing, incredibly innovative, plus it it promises antioxidants & weight loss – RIGHT??? 


Jai swings by to see how we’re doing. We exclaim absolute delight, and toast her brilliance. She’s also wondering if there’s just the SLIGHTEST chance we’re still a little bit peckish??

Well, now that you mention it babes … we could squeeze in the Spicy Teriyaki Chicken, Black Dragon roll with tempura cucumber & barbecue eel and, oh yes, six plates of the sumnptuous Pork Gyoza.


Our only dilemma – be it extremely first world – is deciding our favourite cocktail. Following three more rounds, we’re thinking the HANAMI with its delicate mix of Ketel One, cranberry & strawberry is just sublime. 

Meanwhile the GINZA SPRITZ with passoa & lemon is heavenly! But after much drinking + debate + drinking, the winner is: SUNRISE IN KYOTO: a dazzling mix of Roku gin, grenadine, lime & orange.


Though with that dilemma now resolved, we’re suddenly faced with another … Jai’s just handed us the SHOOTERS menu. So before we’re too “merry” to speak, can we just say a heartfelt: ARIGATO BITCHES!

Reviewed July 2022

Maki Ramen
St James Quarter
EH1 3SS 

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