Breakfast @ The Register Club

Renowned for its sumptuous decor, and first class service, the Edinburgh Grand’s Register Club is pretty fabulous full-stop. But now, we’re happy to say, this stylish venue is also open for breakfast, making it … well … even more fabulous!


Saturday morning in the New Town, and once again the grey skies suggest that rumours of summer have been much exaggerated. But no matter, along with Kerry Teakle of Edinburgh Foody, we’ve been invited to breakfast at the Grand.

We arrive shortly after nine, looking fashionable, and feeling ravenous. Moments later, our triple-shot espressos are en route, and we’re enjoying the comfort of oversized sofas, as we admire everything from the wood panelling to the views of St Andrew’s Square.


The vibe is definitely one of sophistication, but it’s also incredibly relaxed. In fact the staff couldn’t be friendlier, especially the lovely Antonia, and Joey the Bartender!

The venue also boasts the perfect soundtrack, with the likes of Katie Melua and Randy Crawford playing gently in the background.

So, as far as we’re concerned, this is the perfect way to kick off a weekend. And even more impressive, this indulgent breakfast is only £25 a head.


It’s an experience that can begin with the likes of fresh fruit, cereal, yoghurt, or perhaps an overnight oat pot. But instead we’re immediately seduced by the gorgeous pastries that are freshly baked on site.

The pain au chocolat in particular deserves special mention. With its rich soft chocolate, and melt-in-the mouth texture, its here gluttony begins to take hold.

And then, there’s the amazing fruit smoothies. Bursting with intense flavour, and so wonderfully thick, your designer straw practically stands on its own. In fact, each sip prompts us to loudly announce just how much we’re enjoying the experience.


The range of smoothies changes on a daily basis, but we’re thinking it would be hard to beat the joy of the Mixed Berry with mint, lemon and balsamic syrup; or the Tropical with its lush combination of pineapple, passionfruit, melon and banana.

Excited by the culinary skills we’re witnessing here, we decide to go briefly off-menu, and ask about Joey’s take on the humble Bloody Mary. Antonia looks sad for a moment, and points out this is Scotland, you can’t order alcohol before ten in the morning.


Now we look sad too. Such a draconian law!

But then suddenly we remember that turning brunch into a four-hour event is in fact our super-power, so this is definitely something we shall return to.

Meantime, having savaged the buffet options, we turn our attention to the kitchen. Here you can either continue the continental vibe with a meat & cheese board, or order something hot, such as Eggs benedict or Smashed avocado with bacon and feta.


We of course believe the more food on the plate the better, and opt for a full Scottish. Appropriately, it’s a who’s who of local producers, boasting Puddledub farm bacon, Gilmour’s pork sausage, MacLeod’s black pudding, and Castle Douglas eggs.

Cooked and seasoned to perfection, we love and verbally appreciate every bite. Especially the bacon, which definitely deserves its award-winning status.


As our cutlery is finally laid to rest, we tell Antonia we couldn’t possibly eat another bite. But in reality, we somehow find room for several rounds of toast, a pot of English breakfast, and a plate of their freshly cooked rose shortbread [ delicious BTW ].

By now, the most important meal of the day is almost in its third hour, which means two things. Firstly, our reputation for being greedy fat bastards remains unblemished; and of course, it’s now completely legal for us to order that Bloody Mary …


Oh my god, this was SO worth the wait!

An almost spiritual experience you might say. The thickest Bloody Mary we’ve ever seen, more like a smoothie than a juice. So rich, and so much kick, thanks to a generous dash of wasabi paste and the Register Club’s own unique mix of tomato and spice.

It has indeed been a perfect start to the day. After a breakfast this good, we literally cannot ask for more!

Reviewed in May 2019

The Register Club @ The Edinburgh Grand
Fourth Floor
42 St Andrew Square
0131 230 0571


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  1. Wow, looking forward to trying out the breakfast here. Sounds like there is a huge range to suit everyone! On site pastries sound amazing. And I’ll definitely be ordering the bloody Mary, at the appropriate hour of course…

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