Assembly George Square Gardens

With Edinburgh Fringe in full swing, we headed to George Square Gardens for both entertainment and sustenance.  Here, much to our delight, we’ve discovered food and beverage that’s top notch.

We began with an entrée of satay chicken with coconut and lime sauce, followed by pulled pork quesadillas at the fabulous Umami Spice Girl. Simple combinations, delicate flavours, and utterly delicious!


But while those dishes most definitely hit the spot, Michelle – the company’s founder – sensed our insatiable greed, and pointed us in the direction of of her other stall: Spice Boy.

Here, the flavours are just as sophisticated, but now you can progress to the main course. Halloumi, jerk chicken and jerk beef meet either a flour wrap or brioche bun, then are combined with salad, sauces and plenty of sizzle. We loved every bite, of which there were many.

But it wasn’t just lunch that was on a roll, so were we …


On we popped directly to afternoon tea. A cupcake perhaps? Maybe a cheeky ice cream? No, the obvious choice was of course an espresso martini. [ FYI waving your media pass flamboyantly does not get you a discount. Pity. ]

Mind you, given the strength of these rather lovely cocktails, that’s really not a problem. Two or three is probably all you need to feel that dancing on bar-tops is a genius idea.


Though just a few sips in, we encountered yet another bad influence – Edinburgh Foody Kerry Teakle – who insisted we visit Henrick’s ye olde gin garden.

“Well alright Kerry, twist my arm,” we said almost in unison.

Renowned for its quirk and theatre, this year the gin-maker brings us the Perilous Labortaory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings, aka P.L.A.N.T.


So moments later, we were surrounded by waiters dressed in tweed, and being served a selection of summer cocktails. Our particular favourite is the Flora Dora, which combines gin, raspberry syrup, and ginger beer to great effect. And of course, who doesn’t also love a teapot filled with gin?

But suddenly … we were accosted by theatricals, who offered us a unique experience with cucumbers. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt a bit, and involved using this inspirational vegetable to make music.

Complete nonsense, but fun, we’re also happy to say it eventually involves drinking more gin. After all, what better use of the cumber could there be?


Completely and happily sozzled by this point, we felt it really was time to depart. But not before having one final indulgence, a gourmet pie from Jarvis Pickle, served with mash and beetroot ketchup.

Seriously good, you can choose from the likes of Beef and Ale, Cullen Skink, Pork & Blue Cheese, and the list goes on.


Though if you think we’re greedy, Kerry Teakle is already boasting 70 things to do, see, and taste at this year’s festivals. A celebration of Edinburgh Fringe’s 70th birthday, this bumper post offers a comprehensive guide to what’s on offer across the city. We highly recommend you follow her expert advice!


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