Afternoon Tea Reimagined

In a few rare moments of sobriety we’re embracing the joys of tea-drinking, especially when paired with our favourite foods. Not only does it make the long, frustrating hours before cocktail o’clock a lot more fabulous, it’s inspired us to re-think our very notion of afternoon tea.
Our first, most important discovery is Strathearn Tea, a Scottish company based in Perth, which boasts a rather pleasurable collection of char. Thanks to their encouragement, and exquisite blending, we not-so-humbly present our guide to making your afternoons as fabulous as ours. 
Tinderet Green Tea
With five times the vitamin C of one lemon, green tea undoes at least some of the damage done by cocktail o’clock. Stratheran’s Tinderet green with its bittersweet, earthy flavour absolutely hits the spot.
Smooth & hugely refreshing, it pairs perfectly with sushi [ salmon + chicken katsu in our case ] and a generous stash of white chocolate. A combination so elegant, even we were blown away by our genius, not to mention this wonderful tea.
All Day Tea
A cup of black tea is ideal for those more robust flavours. Thankfully this gorgeous blend is more than a match for the dirty old burger we found ourselves craving. Angus beef, brioche bun, and a massive wedge of blue cheese, thank you very much!
Any appetite remaining is then more than satisfied by dark chocolate, especially if it has a dash of burnt orange, mint, or caramel.
Afternoon Tea Blend
Meanwhile the nuanced afternoon tea blend soothes one, utterly. It’s also delightful with pastry, cinnamon, honey, even cheese. Thus we piled our plates high with a big old pork pie, lashings of chutney, and a ridiculous wedge of mature cheddar.
But the real highlight is one of our favourite things in life: a cinnamon roll from Rose Theatre Cafe. And if you really want to push the boat out, try the ones smothered in Nutella. Oh my god, AMAZING!! 
Moroccan Mint Tea
Last but not least, the Moroccan mint is yet another enticing blend, and it brilliantly pairs with Middle Eastern food. Especially if it boasts the mouthwatering flavours of Pomegranate’s menu.
Even more magnificent with mint tea is a large Chocolate & Caramel Slice. WOWSERS!! And BTW the very best in the city hails from the superb Di Giorgio Caffe in Canonmills.
Ah yes, tea really is rather wonderful, as were the 60,000 calories we consumed while drinking it. MUCH LOVE to Strathearn Tea for stimulating both our imagination, and our tastebuds.
Also a BIG THANKS to Shinsen Sushi, Ptasie Mleczko, Rose Theatre Cafe, Pomegranate, & Di Giorgio Caffe for all your edible assistance.⁣

Reviewed February 2021

Strathearn Tea
Perthsire, Scotland

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